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About Misha Mullov-Abbado

Jazz bassist, composer & arranger

‘Cross-Platform Interchange’ Album Launch Tour

New Ansonia Tour PosterAfter a very successful album launch gig at Kings Place back in May, I am pleased to announce the dates of my UK tour this month! We will be performing in seven venues across the country promoting my new album Cross-Platform Interchange. If you’re in the area then do come along!


Sat 15/07, 8:00 pm @ The Hive, Shrewsbury
Mon 17/07, 8:30 pm @ The Beaver Inn, Appledore *
Tue 18/07, 8:30 pm @ St Ives Jazz Club (Cornwall)
Thu 20/07, 8:00 pm @ St Columba’s Church, Cambridge
Mon 24/07, 8:00 pm @ The Wonder Inn, Manchester *
Tue 25/07, 8:00 pm @ The Jazz Cafe, Newcastle
Wed 26/07, 8:45 pm @ The Lescar, Sheffield

Click on the links above for more info, including how to buy tickets

(* free entry for the gigs in Appledore and Manchester)

JAMES DAVISON trumpet & flugelhorn
MATTHEW HERD alto saxophone
SAM RAPLEY tenor saxophone

Praise for ‘Cross-Platform Interchange’

Click on the links below to read the full review…

“A real celebration of Mullov-Abbado’s love of jazz and his most mature and satisfying work thus far.”
Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann ★★★★

“Mullov-Abbado already possesses his own unique musical vocabulary. Expect more surprises and delights from Misha in albums to come.”
Roger Farbey, All About Jazz ★★★★

“This is an album that marks a turning point for Misha. It shows off Misha’s creative streak, imagination and bravura. An exceptional second album!”
Erminia Yardley, Kind Of Jazz ★★★★

“Here’s the difficult second album from abundantly talented Misha Mullov-Abbado. So talented in fact that it doesn’t sound as if it was difficult at all. His skills include the one you can’t teach – producing pleasing melodies…”
Jon Turney, London Jazz News

“It says much about the rude health of the British contemporary jazz scene when an album such as this one makes its arrival with this level of young, high-spirited musicality.”
Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews

“Unusually mature for such a young player, yet also an accessible album, possessing both likeability and enough change up to keep it engaging.”
Jeff Becker, Jazz Sensibilities

“Mullov-Abbado is not just a jazz player in the strict sense. He is an artist of our day, accustomed to navigating multiple sound horizons.”
Marco Buttafuoco, Jazz Convention (ITALY)

“A remarkable degree of maturity as a player, composer, and arranger on this exceptional follow-up to his 2015 debut New Ansonia. ”
Ron Schepper, Textura Magazine (CANADA)

“The music has everything – swing, groove, melodies and an incredibly solid foundation. It is as intimate as it is compelling”
Vorgestellt von Ralf Dorschel, Album Of The Week on Play Jazz NDR (GERMANY)

“Young bassist and composer Misha Mullov-Abbado offers excellence and variety on his second record as a leader.”
Andreas Backelund, Lira Magazine (SWEDEN)

“The title of the album perfectly symbolizes the interconnectivity of inspiration in his life and music.”
France Musique (FRANCE)

“A bassist, band-leader and composer very well worth following in the years that come.”
Tor Hammerø, Tor de Jazz (NORWAY)

“Another hit and a pretty nice addition to the handsome catalogue of the Edition label.”
Philippe De Cleen, Da Music (NETHERLANDS)

“Alive and turbulent – bassist Avishai Cohen has a strong competitor!”
Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazzenzo Magazine (NETHERLANDS)

“Abbado proves himself an outstanding successor to his parents.”
Artem Kalnin, Orloff Magazine (RUSSIA)

Review in La Jornada from our concert in Mexico

Last week we returned from a fantastic week in Mexico where we played two concerts – one in Morelia and another in Mexico City. Check out these amazing photos taken from our concert in Morelia. We had an amazing reception at both performances, and got a wonderful review in La Jornada for any Spanish speakers out there! Click HERE to see the review.

“It will not be many years before Misha becomes one of the world’s leading figures in music”

“Cross-Platform Interchange” available for preview and pre-order!

I am extremely excited to announce my second album Cross-Platform Interchange that will be released on Edition Records on 19th May 2017! Featuring the superb talents of James Davison (trumpet), Matthew Herd (alto sax), Sam Rapley (tenor sax), Liam Dunachie (piano), Scott Chapman (drums), Elad Neeman (percussion), Nick Goodwin (acoustic guitar), Rob Luft (electric guitar), Matthew Barley (cello) and Yusuf Narcin (bass trombone) this album was co-produced by Duncan Bridgeman and myself, and recorded and mixed by Alex Killpartrick.

You can preview the entire track from the trailer below and pre-order the whole album HERE.

CPI Album Cover

Happy New Year!

MMA Group in SwitzerlandIt has been quite a spectacular year. The Patchwork Jazz Orchestra has begun hosting an exciting series of nights in collaboration with some other amazing bands, DJs and colourful venues. The fantastic singer-songwriter and close friend Nessi Gomes has released her debut album “Diamonds and Demons” and, along with several other musicians we have formed a band and began touring, with lots of dates upcoming gigs in the UK and all around Europe. Zirobop has continued to perform all over Italy at all sorts of interesting venues. And my new band has played some of my favourite gigs ever, including the most fun few days in Switzerland over the summer.

In the last three months and along with 13 close friends and musicians in London, Cardiff and Tel-Aviv, I have finished recording my second album and am very excited to release it on Edition Records this May! Over this coming month the album will be mixed and mastered, after which it will be finished. Watch this space, as some singles and promo videos will be released soon after… Those of you who use Spotify lots may know that once I hit the magic number of 250 followers I can be verified and start uploading playlists and lots of other wonderful things that I’m sure you’re all gagging for right now. So just click HERE and hit “follow” and you might possibly make my year…

Much love and have a fantastic start to 2017!

London Jazz Festival 2016

EFG London Jazz Festival 2016My new album is coming along nicely – we have almost finished all the recording, after which we will begin mixing, The album will be finished by the end of January and probably released in May next year. Check out some photos from our weekend in Fieldgate here.

It’s London Jazz Festival week again and I have some exciting gigs coming up. My band is playing at the Royal Festival Hall foyer at 2 pm on Saturday 12th as part of the BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line-Up programme, so you can catch it on the radio too if you can’t make it over. I am also playing in in a trio with Helena Kay (recent Young Scottish Jazz Musician Of The Year) later that afternoon at the Barbican Freestage. On Sunday 13th Patchwork Jazz Orchestra is back! We’re playing doing the lunchtime slot at the 606 club with music starting at 1:30 pm. It’ll be our first gig since our Patchwork night back in April.

On Friday 18th I am playing at the Mosaic album launch gig at the Cadogan Hall foyer in the afternoon – this is also the day that Ralph Wyld’s debut album is being released. And finally on Sunday 20th I am doing an evening gig at Omnibus Arts Centre in Clapham with Rob Luft and Marc Michel, which will be the second outing of our new trio “Luftabbamic”.