“Cross-Platform Interchange”


Front cover finalAlbum liner notes:

“Cross-Platform Interchange” is dedicated to my love of trains, traveling, movement and constantly evolving musical journeys. This second album of mine is a collection of songs that I have been performing with my band for the past two years that seamlessly move from one source of inspiration to another, rather like the niche album title that describes certain journeys I regularly make with my bass on the London Underground. Across the eight tracks there is music inspired by Middle-Eastern, Brazilian and Eastern-European cultures as well as eccentric swing and jazz funk. This album brings together all these influences in my own special way – a celebration of different traditions.

I would like to thank all the musicians that appeared on this album from the bottom of my heart for some sensational playing and being the best friends and colleagues ever. It is an honour to make music with you all: Jim, Matt and Sam for being the tightest, most expressive and fantastic horn section in the world; Liam for blowing me away by adding so much warmth and harmony to the songs at the piano; Scott and Elad for supporting whole band with driving grooves and for adding so much character to all the pieces; Rob and Nick for flawlessly adding brand new guitar textures to all the songs; Yusuf for helping expand the horn section for the title track to a full big band with that raucous bass trombone; and my step-father Matthew for the most beautiful cello playing on my song “Waves” and for all the love and support over the years.

I would also like to thank: Duncan Bridgeman for all the hours of input you gave helping me create this record as well as filming every second of it; Alex Killpartrick for once again taking such good care of the music during the recording and making it sound even better afterwards; Ian, Fiona and Andrew Lawson for welcoming us into Fieldgate Studio where we did the bulk of the recording; Alan Rusbridger for generously allowing us to record on your Fazioli piano in your North London home; Avi Ein Zur for facilitating the percussion recording in Tel-Aviv during my 36-hour trip to Israel; Donal Whelan for all the final touches during the mastering process; everyone at Edition Records for all the work gone into the album release and the artwork; and finally all my close friends, family and housemates for all the love, advice, support and friendship over the past 6 months while making this record.

Misha Mullov-Abbado double bass & bass guitar       James Davison trumpet & flugelhorn       Matthew Herd alto saxophone

Sam Rapley tenor saxophone & clarinet       Liam Dunachie piano & fender rhodes       Scott Chapman drums       Elad Neeman percussion

Additional musicians & credits…

Nick Goodwin acoustic guitar (2. 8.)       Rob Luft electric guitar (3. 5. 7.)       Matthew Barley cello (3.)       Yusuf Narcin bass trombone (7.)

Duncan Bridgeman producer         Alex Killpartrick engineer & mixing        Avi Ein Zur engineer (percussion)        Donal Whelan mastering


1. Shanti Bell 3.48
2. No Strictly Dancing 6.28
3. Waves 11.10
4. Gromit’s Grand Outing 5.12
5. Still, Hidden Morning 7.21
6. Pure 100% Nunnery 7.06
7. Cross-Platform Interchange 7.48
8. Hair Of The Bop 7.31

Recorded at Fieldgate Studios in Wales, as well as various bedrooms, living rooms and basements in London and Slice Music in Tel-Aviv